Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freedom Isn't Free

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As July 4th approaches, thoughts of our country's history always comes to mind.  Images of the Revolutionary War, George Washington, or the Constitutional Congress are visualized.  Or maybe words like patriotism, independence, and freedom come to mind.
    The past few days, I've thought long about the price of freedom.  In our country, we have taken freedom for granted.  Freedom on any level is achieved, earned, or given by someone.  We have forgotten that there is a price for freedom and someone had or has to pay for that freedom.  Think about some of these freedoms and the costs to obtain them:

    Freedoms noted in the U.S. Constitution:
    That wonderful document did not give us freedom.  The U.S. Constitution was made possible because of the sacrifice of the founders and patriots of this nation.  Many great men and women, starting at the birth of this nation and continuing since, have paid the price with their very lives so that we can enjoy "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".  If you have served or are currently serving in the military, thank you so much for your service!

    Financial Freedom:
    Anyone who is financially free has been given that opportunity or earned it.  Some may have inherited their fortunes, but those fortunes were still provided by the long hours of hard work and sweat of a relative or friend.  Someone has to pay for it - it just doesn't happen.

    Spiritual Freedom: Not to be confused with religious freedom.  Religious freedom is addressed in our great constitution.  Spiritual freedom is living out one's relationship with their creator in the light of grace and mercy.  For Christians, that price was paid by the Son of God himself, Jesus Christ.

    Those are just my top three freedoms for which I am thankful (in no particular order).

    I would love to know the freedoms for which you are thankful this holiday.  Please share by leaving a comment here.


    1. I am thankful for all of my freedoms, but edpscially my freedoms noted in the U.S. Constitution

    2. Hey Christine! Thanks for sharing, gotta love our constitution! John

    3. Great post John. In reference to freedom....

      I'm thankful for the generations and generations of men and women who've fought for us to be able have the freedoms we have in this great country.

      I'm thankful for the men that endured severe hardship to get that constitution written and implemented.

      I'm thankful for God's plan for this country.

    4. Hi Danny!
      First, thank YOU for your service in the Navy!
      I appreciate you and sharing of your list.

    5. Great post. Loved the three freedoms you chose. Probably the freedom I am most grateful for , is the freedom to be myself and still be accepted by God. My faith allows me to see myself as God sees me and live a life free from fear of failure or unacceptablity. Secondly, I am grateful for all of the incredible freedoms allowed to each of us in this great country of America. The prayer and hope is that these things will continue to be our personal freedoms...but as you said, freedom comes with a cost...a concept we seem to be slipping away from...

    6. GGGG, thanks for your comment! Well said!