Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Next Chapter

Some have asked where I've been - why I have not written anything for so long.  Well, it is because I've been preparing for my next chapter.  I began this blog as an outlet to express my thoughts on leadership as I was completing my MBA at Concordia University.   I still have 6 months left till I graduate, however, that next chapter has already begun.

I have reflected over the past few years to try to understand what makes me "come alive" and I have committed myself to make sure that I am fully alive until I draw my very last breath.  By that, I mean that I am going to invest my time, energy, vocation, and life to the things that motivate me to be a better and growing person.  I have discovered that which makes me come alive is when I am intentionally adding value to others.  This discovery has led me to join and become certified (this August) as speaker, coach, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team.  Since last November I have been preparing and studying with The John Maxwell Team in parallel with my studies for my MBA.  So, to say the least, I have been a little busy - but a good kind of busy.  Hence, I have not stopped long enough to write here.

So, that leads me to inform you that following this entry, I will only be making one more entry into this blog.  I am in the process of creating a new blog and will post its address here when it is complete.  Meanwhile, my next post will give you the first look at what will be my first post on the new site.

Final Thought
We all have a next chapter in the book of our life.  Yesterday has already been written (and you can not change it), today is being written now, but tomorrow is a blank page.  What gets written in that next chapter will be dependent on your decisions today.  Discover today what makes you come alive.  If the previous chapters of your life story have not been following that path, know this - it is never too late to begin writing a new chapter.

You matter!

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