Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 9: Stetch.....

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This section is easy.....read Sunday's post!  Lots of prep in the midst of work and life, but the initial waves of this Tsunami are just hitting shore.  Spent most of Saturday finishing my paper for marketing and Monday completing powerpoint for the individual presentation.

Reflections and Expectations:
Because I had just posted on Sunday, the preparation & reflections are basically all wrapped up in that post, so I will not add anymore to it, except to say that blogging this journey has been more therapeutic than I ever would have imagined.  Early in my Christian walk, I used to journal daily and over the years had gotten out of that habit.  This particular exercise has rekindled that desire again to journal aka blog.

My expectations for tonight's class are simply wrapped up in a question:  How in the world are 20 people going to present their individual presentations in one night in 4-5 minutes each?

Class Time:
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About half of the class had shown up outside the doors to our room at 5:30pm so that we could load our marketing presentations on Professor Warren's computer.  However, the class before ours was running late, so we didn't get the room until about 5:50pm.  By the time everyone got their presentations loaded on the notebook, the first presentation didn't start until 6:20pm.  My first thought....."Who's getting punted to next class meeting?"
I enjoyed the presentations that my colleagues shared and it was obvious that everyone had put a lot of time in their research.  I especially loved the passion that people brought to their presentations, whether it was a burrito passion with Chipotle as David Pfahler let us know what is included in his perfect burrito or Travis Roberts' passionate presentation about TOMS ShoesAs I had thought, it proved to be very tough for each person to finish within the allotted time, but all in all I enjoyed watching our class do their presentations.  Especially hearing from those that almost never speak up in class.  My thought at the beginning proved to be true, as well.  Four people did not get to do their presentations due to time constraints, so they will start our next class time.  Thankfully, I was able to squeeze my presentation at the very end of class, so at least that's off my plate!

Economics:  For the past couple of weeks, we have been learning the concepts in chapters 5,6 and 8.  Learning about org structures....perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopolies and monopolies.  But, the shark just beneath the waters is the project papers that are due when we return from spring break.  Our learning team is planning to meet at least a couple of times over the break to finish our econ paper as well as our group presentation for marketing.  Both are due the night we return from spring break....not much of a break :-)

Personal Thoughts:
This journey has been incredible!  Who could imagine how much we'd learn, experience, and get stretched.  And this journey is only the beginning!  Nine weeks into this 2 year journey.  I hope as you read this (especially if you've read my previous posts) that if you are considering this same journey for yourself, my advice is jump in, the water's fine!  But, jump in with eyes wide open and ready to work.  I know my posts have centered around my struggles with time, group dynamics, business, and family balance.  But, I want to make sure you understand that I am so glad I'm on this journey.  Here are just a few of the things about this journey that I am thankful for:
- Forging new friendships that I'm sure will be long-lasting
- Learning things that I am already incorporating into our business model
- Understanding my limits
- Appreciating and respecting the knowledge, talent, passion, life stories, unique perspectives, and authenticity of my cohort and instructors.
- and many more.....I will pause toward the end of each semester to give this same list and we'll see if or how it changes as the journey continues.

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I'll close this week's blog with the concept of stretch.  I've posted about the juggling and struggling with time due to the nature of my business schedule, family time, and school.  Struggling through this has definitely stretched me and is already making me a better man.  It's made me appreciate my quiet time's reading.  It's made me prioritize exercise and healthy eating.  What do these have to do with business?  Everything!  If I am not growing, I'm dying.  If I want to be an effective leader, I need to be stretched to my limits especially to the point of humility.   Stretch is good.  Stretch is often preparation for a journey (before jogging) or often required if not properly prepared for the journey (cramping).  So the question is:  when is a rubberband the most useful.  When it is stretched!

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  1. Great post John! That is a great message- the water is just fine jump on in!