Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Last Thought on Change

Me: Then and Now
I've just spent the week visiting my mother in Mississippi.  While visiting this small town, just as other times, I bump into people that I knew from my childhood.  I tend to project upon each person the same attributes, qualities, and personality that I knew they had when we were kids.  All too often, I believe that we do that to everyone we've known.

As I pondered that thought, I revisited my last post on change, "That Same Man in the Moon".  The point of the post was to remember that even though that same moon that I've looked at my whole life has remain unchanged, I have not.  I have changed considerably.......and so has everyone else.

We've all experienced great joys and sorrows, victories and losses, new friendships, influential books, jobs, etc.  There have been many catalysts of change in our lives - good and bad.  Very few, if not anyone remains the same.

So, whether you're seeing someone from your childhood or a friend you've not seen in a couple of years, realize that more than likely they've changed.....just as you have changed.  They are not the same person they were.  Use that chance meeting as an opportunity to know a new person - a changed person.  You just might be blessed by the new friend that they become.

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  1. John, I agree during this MBA journey I find myself waking up each day a changed person. Of course for the better!