Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Landmarks Along the Journey

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For most road trips that I've been on, it has been all about the final destination.  We get in our car and take the shortest possible route that gets us to that final destination in the shortest amount of time.  We only stop when "nature calls", to eat, or refill the gas in our cars.  Many times, to be most efficient, we try to do all three at once.  We start at point A and drive like mad to get to point B - leaving everything in between a blur never noticing any of the history-rich landmarks.

The same can be said about our life.  For many, point A & B are waking each day and going to sleep at night and just as a road trip, everything in between is a blur.  There are so many landmarks in our day that are full of rich and meaningful experiences if we will just be intentional, mindful, and present in the moments of our days.

Yes, life is a journey.  Life began at our birth and this physical life will end with our death.  But, what are you doing to enjoy the journey, to savor the relevance of life, or to add value to someone's life?  I have found that the margin in my life has become really thin with business, school, and family.  If I am not cognizant of the journey, I am really going to miss out on so much beauty along the way.

As I thought about ways that I could be more intentional, I've come up with some questions that I ask myself on a daily, but mostly weekly basis.  I encourage you to consider doing the same or similar.

Pick a day each week and on that day ask yourself the following question about your previous 7 days:
  1. Did I have any meaningful conversations, relational events, service projects, or "landmarks" occur this week?
  2. Was there anything that made me "come alive" this week? What was it about it? Is there a pattern developing of answers to this question as the weeks/months pass?  (Don't ignore this pattern)
  3. Big or small, how have I made a difference in someone's life this week?
  4. Big or small, how has someone made a difference in my life this week? (thank them)
  5. How can I be intentional about enjoying the journey over the next week?
What are you doing to enjoy your journey?  Would love to have your suggestions.  Please share!

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