Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Test Time.......

Read, read, read.....Marketing Management test preparation this week.  I realized halfway through this week that there were two chapters that I must have missed.  No highlighting and I couldn't remember anything from it.  So, reading 2 new chapters along with studying for the full test on 11 chapters was just time consuming.  I'm not whining, but hey, cut me some slack.  For an old guy, this is going to be the first exam that I've taken in 22 years.  Man, that sounds like a long time!!

Reflections and Expectations:
In the middle of preparing for this exam this week, I have to admit, several time I asked myself, "What do you think you're doing?"  Undergrad was easy for me, because I was blessed with close friends that I studied with whose study habits fit with mine.  I retain so much more from what I hear than what I read, so this will be an interesting exam.  And, for that reason, I'm anxious.

Class Time:
The Marketing Management test was made up of 33 questions pulled from 11 chapters that covered 315 pages.  Even though it was open book, I was surprised at the number of questions that I had trouble finding the answer and how quickly our time to complete it was over.  I honestly have no idea how well I did, but I do know that I'm definitely going to have to change my study approach for the next test.  What change?  I don't know yet, but it's going to have to be different!
Economics consisted of finishing the review of chapter 4 and an overview of the first 3 chapters that we'll be tested on this week.  I found it interesting how the emotions/attitudes are all over the map with regard to this class.  Some are very concerned about the class/test, which I think is partly just fear of the unknown, while others are very confident and sometimes cocky about their subject knowledge.  I'm not too anxious about this exam, but I'm definitely not over confident either.  Dr Estrada seems to show genuine interest in helping make sure people "get it".

Personal Thoughts:
Since I'm writing this before I even know how well (or bad) that I did on the marketing test, I'll just be transparent and say that I've beat myself up quite a bit overnight.  I had trouble sleeping last night, because I was trying to figure out what I should have done different in studying.  I assumed that my testing skills would be at least as good as when I was in college and hoped they would be even better now that I'm more mature (really??).  That's one reason this blog posting is a little later than usual.  I usually post the same night of the class, but was just not into it last night and am only doing this today to fulfill my personal commitment to chronicle this journey while being transparent.
So, I end this week's post by coming to the conclusion that the marketing exam is behind me and there is nothing I can do to change the results of that test.  All I can do now is prepare for the economics exam this week and determine my best approach of studying for the next marketing exam.  Humbling week...... but, strangely, I am glad I'm here.  Sometimes, it's during this little dip I see who and whose I am.

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