Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6: Economics Test

With the marketing test behind me, this week's time was primarily spent preparing for the economics exam.  I still had reading, project work, and current events assignments to do, but foremost on my mind has been this first economics exam.  One member of our learning team, Randa Scott, did an excellent job of summarizing her notes on what topics Dr. Estrada had said would be covered on the test.  Four of our learning team members met this week at a classroom at Concordia to study together (one member had decided to study with another learning team starting a couple weeks ago).  We spent five hours reviewing each chapter's concepts, working chapter problems on the dry erase boards and then working the sample test that was provided.  This preparation was not only beneficial for the content, but really took our team to a whole new level.

Reflections and Expectations:
Last Tuesday, with the exception of finishing last week's blog, I did nothing else that day relating to my MBA studies.  For some reason, I came away feeling so down about the marketing test, because I had spent so much time preparing for it.  Grades were not released till the end of the week for the test and I was actually shocked that I had made an "A" on the exam.  I was so tired that evening of the test, that I could not even remember what was on the test and felt that I must have done horribly.  I guess I was just over-reacting to the test since it has been so long since I have experienced this environment.  I usually find myself to be more realistic about everything, so my reactions this week have thrown me off and require much more introspection.  It is not my intention to share my grades regarding each test to have anyone think highly or lowly of me, but this week I share the results only to show how much I overreacted this past week and that going forward, I really need to gauge my reactions to tests and just trust that God will honor my preparations and efforts.

Class Time:
Marketing tonight was interesting in that Professor Warren seemed genuinely interested in what we thought about the content or the first exam - too much, too little, too deep/shallow, etc...  There were mixed reviews, but overall I think the consensus was it was about right.  Tonight, Prof Warren also allowed me to share some cover ideas for our next Dallas publication and I was able to get feedback from my classmates on the covers.  I was surprised at which photo they liked best, so I am rethinking the covers again!  But, so glad to hear and I appreciate them sharing their thoughts.

By the time Economics started, I could feel myself getting tired again, but overall I knew that there was nothing else I could do or read that would prepare me for this test anymore than I already had.  There were 20 questions on the exam and they all fell right in line with the material and concepts we were to study.  Regardless of my grade, I know I did my best, so hopefully I can get at least a 90.  I don't think it will be higher than that because as I was walking out of class there were 2 questions that I realized that I likely had answered just the opposite of what they should have been and I've confirmed that to be the case.  So, here's hoping for a 90.

Personal Thoughts:
As stated, there was nothing more I could have done to prepare for the test this week, so tonight was actually a stress free night for me.  Bummer on missing two questions :-)
At this point in the journey, I'm starting to really get in the groove of the subject matter and format of the classes and I'm enjoying this lots more than I thought I would.  My only source of stress now is the thought of the next 3 weeks, which includes 2 group projects, another marketing exam and a personal project presentation.  This happens to be the busiest time for me with my business, which usually requires lots of evening work as well.  So these three weeks will be challenging at best.
I've incorporated more exercise into my routine to help provide an outlet for stress release, so I hope I can continue this routine and realize its benefits!
Lastly, I must thank my wife for being so supportive and understanding of this journey.  Tonight is the first Valentine's in 16 years that we did not go out.  She ate alone at home while I was in class tonight, but was up when I came in and wanted to know all about the classes and the test.  I'm a very blessed man!


  1. Great entry.
    I like your shout out to your wife. Our MBA journey is a team effort, including our extended team... family.

  2. John, Congratulations on your "A" I am very excited for you. It sounds like you worked really hard on both subjects. I am hoping you get your 90 in Econ. As always, great to hear your experiences.