Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 4: Storms......

Wow, we are already four weeks into this journey!  Another tough week, but only similarity to last week is allergies!  On the homework front, this week was relatively light.  Lots of reading was required this week and only one written assignment.  But, this was one of those weeks where life enters and takes over for a few days.  My brother-in-law was rushed in the hospital this week and required a pacemaker and a couple of stints.  He is the epitome of health, but yet, he's one of those outliers that just can't outrun his family genes.  By God's grace and mercy and the talented doctors at North Austin Medical Center, he is still with us.  He flat-lined four times and once his heart was stopped for 20 secs before they got it going again.  Amazingly, he's home and back to normal.  Needless to say, our time at the hospital was time not spent studying (but no regrets at all there - family is much more important).

Reflections and Expectations:
This week, in the midst of storms raging all around me (allergies, family emergencies, reading assignments, team dynamics, etc...), I had to somehow find some quiet moments and dwell on Ps 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God".  I cannot change the circumstances, but I can ask God to change me in the midst of those circumstances and ask for wisdom and discernment to navigate through the rest of the week.  There was seemingly no way to get everything done this week, but somehow everything was completed.
In the midst of all of this, our learning team had a breakthrough this week.  I think we're all moving in the same direction with better understanding and trust of each other.  Our time meeting together and conference calls are clicking much better now.
With everything that transpired this week, I have actually not set any expectations for class time this week.  So.....surprise me!

Class Time:
Overall, this week's classes were indeed surprising.  Both classes seemed as if the time flew by so fast!
In Marketing, we covered branding and positioning.  Had great discussions, but mainly it was just lots of material to cover.  I think this particular topic is more interesting to me, because of my business and the sheer number of ads that I have to look at from many small businesses.  I am always looking at the consistency of their brand as well as how they are positioning themselves in the senior market.  It seemed as if we were only in class 15 minutes when the reality was it had already been 2 hours.
In Economics, Dr Estrada wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable with chapter three and answered questions at the beginning.  When he was satisfied that all our questions were answered, he began an introduction to chapter four.  I've probably said this already and will probably say again - Dr Estrada has such a unique way of telling you an personal story either of a work example or life example and then draw the application of economic principles to that story.  I'm not sure how others are relating to that, but it just works well for me.

Personal Thoughts:
Reading back over the reflections I had from the week, that pretty well sums it up.  Growing up in south Mississippi allowed me to experience many hurricanes over the years.  And on two occasions, the eye of the hurricane passed over us.  With this incredibly violent storm raging all around and spawning off tornadoes, when the eye passes over, the sun comes out, the birds begin singing and it's just peaceful as if there is no storm at all......until the backside of the hurricane comes.  Life will throw hurricanes at us at times and sometimes we just need to step out of the storm into the calmness of the eye.  That's where Psalms 46:10 always comes to life.

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  1. John, sorry to hear about your "storm" I sure hope everything comes together soon. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts- it sure does help others like me to know we are not the only one "weathering the storm!"